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Radio Maria can be heard on 103.5FM in the Archdiocese of Port Moresby and Diocese of Aitape, 103.5FM Wewak, 103.7FM Lae, 98.1FM Mt Hagen, 103.1FM in Mendi, 103.1 FM in Kimbe and 91.3FM in the Archdiocese of Rabaul and the South coast of Namatanai, and Duke of York Islands within the Diocese of Kavieng.

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Laity - Crucial to Evangelization (Nigel Akuani).
Port Moresby:
His Excellency Archbishop Kurian Mathew Vayalunkal, Apostolic Nuncio to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands addressed the 60thAnnual General Meeting of the Catholic Bishops Conference on Monday, 6thMay, at the Catholic Bishops Conference, Gordons.
His Eminence John Cardinal Ribat, Archbishops and Bishops from the seventeen dioceses in Papua New Guinea and the three bishops from Solomon Islands were present at the meeting. 
Archbishop Kurian Mathew Vayalunkal, emphasized the active role laity people played, and their significance in evangelization and the running of the church.
He explained that lay people were at the frontline in the life of church, and highlighted the transformative power of lay people. “We must engage lay people who have a vision of the future, who dare to dream and answer to God’s call. The Catholic laity are a driving factor that contribute to the church’s efforts as an evangelization agency,” he said.
He added that there was the need to strengthen works of laity, by providing human and spiritual formation.
Comments and questions were raised.  The meeting then continued with specific issues for the bishops.
At the start of the session, Archbishop Kurian released the first issue of the ‘Church Alive’ magazine and a ‘Youth Resource Manual’ for youth group animators.



Mariathon is a special event which involves the entire radio station, volunteers and listeners, with the purpose of promoting the collection of donations and accomplishing a tangible goal for Radio Maria: the construction or renovation of the premises, the achievement of independence (payment of bills and ordinary administration expenses), the purchase of a car for
promotion activities, the costs of covering a solidarity project, etc.
The word Mariathon originates from an idea of Radio Maria Colombia. It is the combination of the words Maria and maratón, which means “marathon”. As a single word, it gives the event a symbolic meaning: the solidarity race in favour of Maria and the radio station which carries her name. It originated in the American continent and it is now widespread and successfully organised in all our radio stations worldwide.
First and foremost it is a spiritual event which totally involves the radio and all its volunteers on the territory. This activity can be aimed at supporting one’s radio station or another Radio Maria station which is in need or experiencing difficulties, according to a spirit of missionary and fraternal aid.

Radio Maria does not use advertising and it is always supported by the love of its listeners, through their donations and commitment. Radio Maria entrusts itself to Divine Providence through the generosity of its listeners.
Mariathon is important not only to gather funds connected
with the tangible goal to achieve, but finds its deeper value in the spirit which nourishes the listeners, the volunteers and the collaborators through their participation in the different activities, first among all prayer.

This year 2019, the Mariathon will held on the 17, 18 and 19 of May.


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