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  Dear Readers, I greet you all with love of God the Trinity and Mary our Mother. As we approach Holy Week and Easter we are faced with the pandemic of Covid19.This should not make us weak in faith but should make our faith strong as we stay at home with our families and have more time in contemplating our lives spiritually, socially, physically, ethically, morally and so forth.

Holy week is a time to contemplate about Jesus our saviour who went through pain and suffering to redeem us from our sins and so this time as we stay home from work its good to also pray alot and think of how we can can ourselves. Easter is the time we resurrect with Christ our saviour living bad habits and ways behain and become a new person.

Last month in March Radio Maria directors of Asia and Oceania had a meeting with the World Family of Radio Maria. In these meeting we were encourage by the World Family to work and provide service to the church during this time of drying times where the world is affected by the covid19 sickness.

We also talk about the Mariathon which is a yearly even for Radio Maria to raise funds to help and support each other. We in Papua New Guinea has not been able to raise funds during Mariathons because of many reasons. But this year 2020 who should try our very best to do something if the case covid19 goes down.

We also form a volunteers of Radio Maria and we had some meetings already but because of the sickness of covid19, this come to a stand still at this moment. We will go into action again when everything comes back to normal. The group has a core group and two sub committees to help in program content and fundraising activies.

Radio will move to Catholic Bishops Conference this year 2020 when the adjustment and configuration of the room is ready and converted into studio for Radio Maria PNG. I thank the World Family for their understanding for the radio to be close to the bishops and also to Catholic Bishops Conference for accepting Radio Maria's request to be at the CBC.




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