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Believe in your dreams, Anything is possible

13 December 2022

Port Moresby: “Believe in yourself, strive for your dreams and don’t give up no matter how tough it will get,” were the empowering words uttered by four students from the nation’s capital.

Grade-Eleven students of Jubilee Catholic Secondary School

All doing their Grade-Eleven at the Jubilee Catholic Secondary School, the students took time off on Wednesday 16th November, to speak on live radio during the Tokaut-Stret program.

Their discussion focused on the topic ‘Empowering Youth to follow their DREAMS’ and dwelled on many essential aspects from the importance of dreams; need for empowerment programs intended to build confidence in a young person’s abilities; power of self-belief and discipline; a mention of historic figures who stood for their dreams; overcoming challenges and negativity; God’s purpose for life; finally ending with a stern call to parents, authorities and the government of the day.

In his explanation of what dreams were, a young Daniel Lepani, aspiring to become a Lawyer, said dreams were like an anchor that held us down on our path to success. “Dreams are there to secure a child’s focus and ability to have a higher vision of themselves. They are the motivation or inspiration within a person when they can’t find it elsewhere because it gives them the courage to believe in themselves and not to be swayed by the opinions of others,” he stated.

Aiming to be a professional Nurse in future, Joyda Mokiri, emphasized the importance of dreams and said they played a crucial role of instilling in a person a sense of constant hope for the better. “Whatever your dream is, you need to protect it because this is what will give you as a young person the hope that a change will come for the better. They need to be encouraged to protect their dreams by accomplishing short-term goals and slowly and steadily progressing their way forward toward achieving it,” she said.

Studying hard to one day accomplish his dream of becoming a Pilot, Emmanuel Aser, told individuals not to be dissuaded by challenges and criticism and urged them to persevere through hard and doubtful times. “Imagine a life without challenges, we clearly would not have the opportunities necessary to mold our personalities and build our characters. Embark and embrace challenges because they will be the reasons for your success towards achieving your dreams,” he explained.

He added, “We gain experience from challenges and this gives the strength we need to handle even bigger obstacles later on in our lives. We have now become more confident in ourselves and the approaches we make because we believe in ourselves because of the experience of overcoming these types of challenges before.”

Joycelynn Charlehand, confidently told of her ambition to become a Psychologist, and reminded the younger generation of their immense potential to be whatever it was they dreamed or even greater. “As young people, we have a lot of goodness and potential within ourselves, and we are aware of the potential we possess but we just need good people who care enough to motivate us and reassure us of our abilities. That no matter the difficulty there are better opportunities better ways to express ourselves, to express our dreams in a way that we are not afraid to chase after them, so that we are not afraid to take on adversities and obstacles in order to achieve our dreams,” she said.

“Struggles in life are stepping stones to realise that there’s more ahead that you can overcome. Challenges are what makes life beautiful because you have a story to tell others that has the potential to have a positive impact in their lives. Sure, life is uncertain, but we have been given the ability of possibilities,” she concluded.

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