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Discovering your Vocation through CHRIST

16 December 2022

Port Moresby: Put God before and above everything you do, and then your purpose and vocation in life will become clearer.

The enlightening expression was made by two young vibrant seminarians on Saturday 12th November 2022, during Radio Maria’s ‘Faith-Talk’ program.

First-Year studying Philosophy, Douglas Peter, and Philip Pirimin, Second-Year also undertaking Philosophy, are both seminarians currently attending the Catholic Theological Institute at Bomana just outside the city of Port Moresby and are from the Diocese of Kavieng.

They took on to discuss the theme ‘Discovering Your Vocation through CHRIST’ and dwelled on its different aspects. Their talk ranged from a brief definition of vocation; how they discovered Christ in their lives; a recollection of events that contributed to finding their vocation; impact of a prayer-filled life; importance of proclaiming the Christian faith and living it; learning to listen attentively and discerning God’s call in our lives; the dangers of living life without faith in Christ; with a strong word of advice on the fundamental role faith has in every person’s life.

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