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Respecting others makes you a better person

16 December 2022

Port Moresby: Be open-minded and respect the opinions of others because it will provide you with sound judgement and make you a better person.

These were the words of wisdom uttered by three Vincentian Marian Youth of Bomana, as they went on the Voice-Up radio program of Saturday 22nd October 2022.

The trio presented a thorough discussion on the theme ‘Education, Faith, Life’, as it gave an insight on their personal experiences growing up in school; challenges faced and how they overcame them; importance of education among young generation; education’s importance in life; role of faith in education; advice for young people struggling to cope with studies and life; ending off with a call to action for parents, adults and authorities to assist youngsters to the best of their capabilities.

Currently in her Second-Year of Studies in Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of PNG, Felicia Giara, told of her ordeal growing up and learning in school and admitted that although it was a struggle, she never lost faith that God would see her through. “It was a real struggle because I was confronted with issues especially like peer pressure. Being young meant it was a time of discovery and awareness of priorities in my life, to focus on my goals, and most importantly, to consider my spiritual wellbeing,” she said.

Felicia recalled how her faith in God played a significant role in her life and said that she would not have come this far in her achievements without it. “Faith is something you believe in, that you can achieve anything through God. For me, my faith grew while I was a student at Marianville. It helped me realize and value the importance of education and provided me with knowledge for solutions to problems,” she stated.

She added that, “Today’s young generation are distracted by so much, especially by technology, and this could lead to societal deterioration and a drastic change in how they behave. All the more reason why it’s important for young individuals to be open-minded and respect the opinions of others because it will provide them with better judgments and turn them into a better person.”

Grade-8 student of Bomana Primary School, Jessica Steven, emphasized the special role education played in human integral development and how it paved the way for improved social relationships. “Education can be given through parents, churches and schools. It’s also important to know that education provides human development by helping us to read and write but most importantly understand others and possess the ability to be emphatic,” she said.

“Since gaining independence in 1975, our country hasn’t seen much change especially in the sectors of education and health. Many children and youth are still ignored and our leaders and authorities are not bothered by it. How can we expect societal advancement or say they are the future generation of PNG when we, whether intentional or not, fail in equipping them with the basic tool of education to better themselves?” she further said.

Grade 10 at Marianville Secondary School, Losavati Giara, said that young people had a tendency to do as they pleased but urged parents and adults to guide them on the right path in life. “It is our duty as responsible adults to discipline and teach them, to provide them with help and support to make the decisions that are in their best interest. Education and faith are both essential in a child’s life as they grow and parents need to realize this because they have a big influence in their children’s lives,” she concluded.

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