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Say ‘NO’ to Drugs Today

19 December 2022

Port Moresby: ‘Become a Champion and say ‘NO’ to drugs and friends who encourage drug abuse,’ was the statement left by three young female students after their live talk on the Voice-Up program of Radio Maria PNG.

The students were Felicia Giara, Second-Year student at the University of PNG undertaking her Bachelor in Pharmacy; Losavati Giara, Grade-Ten students attending Marianville Secondary School; and Bridgith Joe, Grade-Ten student from Laloki Secondary School.

Their talk on Saturday 12th November focused on the topic ‘Effects of Drugs on Youth’ and dwelled on various aspects from definition of drugs and why consumption of harmful drugs is dangerous; cause and rise of addictions; contributing factors driving young people toward consuming drugs; modern technology and its classification as a drug; effects of drug consumption at a young age; signs and symptoms of persons struggling with addictions; overcoming temptations of drugs; importance of helping and supporting those struggling to break the cycle of drug-use; ending with a strong and affirmative call to parents and adults.

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