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Synodality Essential in Journey of Faith

21 December 2022

Port Moresby: ‘The Synodal process is for all the Catholic faithful in the church. No one is excluded. Whether rich, poor, disabled, divorced, single mothers and fathers; All are welcome to journey together’ was the emphasis made by Bishops of the Catholic Church of Papua New Guinea during a recent press conference.

Held on Wednesday 21 December 2022, at the Catholic Bishops Conference Centre in Waigani. the conference was hosted by the New Evangelization Commission and had as its theme, ‘Synodality, Church journeying together in Communion, Participation and Mission.’ It was the culmination to a three-day workshop on Synodality held from 19 – 21 December, at CBC.

Presenting at the conference were Bishop of Bougainville, Dariusz Kaluza MSF; Bishop of Bereina, Otto Separy; New Evangelization Secretary, Fr Victor Roche SVD; and President of the Catholic Professionals Society PNG, Paul Harricknen.

Various aspects on synodality were raised that noted the role of the Catholic Church in PNGSI; importance of inclusiveness of all sections of Society and Church; and the need for more active involvement and participation of all.

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